Year in review – 2016

[This post was originally published in my another blog, which I deleted in favor of this. It was published on Jan 1, 2017]

Its the new year. 2015 was really a bad year for me. I was hospitalised twice, had to undergo surgery, made some bad decisions, was terrible.

But 2016 was probably the best year I had in years. The year started with a job in Micron, which is not really a bad job. At least I dont mind going there unlike my previous jobs. I learned quite few things, and its where I realised that my field is System Administration, not programming.

When the year started, I had some targets to do, such as :

  • Start hitting the gym
  • Gain some weight
  • Complete System Admin course and get the certification
  • Build this website

Really happy to say that I managed to do all these. Since started hitting the gym, I gained almost 9 kg of weight. I reached 60kg from 51kg in 9 months, which is remarkable considering the fact that I barely increased any weight since I came to Singapore. I also completed the Red Hat system adminstration course, and got the certificate, RHCE and RHCSA. Although I couldn’t take LFCS exam in 2016, I will take it in first week of 2017. Finally, building this website was one of my long time dreams, and finally it became true. I am not sure how often I update this, but nevertheless, a website is a website.

update: Passed LFCS exam on Jan 7th

For 2017, I have some targets. These are a bit more tougher than what I had in 2016, but if I can manage to get them done, that is going to be great. [hiding them now, because I am shy]

  • Reach xxxx
  • Learn xxxx
  • Buy xxxx
  • Complete xxxx
  • [Bonus: Get a xxxxx]

Let us see how it goes.

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