Last day at Micron

After around 1.5 years I am leaving Micron. It has been a great journey here. Although I have worked full time in another two companies, this was the first job that I liked.

The benefits were good and work was also good. Although didn’t have a lot of learning opportunities in the department, I managed to utilize my time effectively learning new things and trying out many things to troubleshoot user issues. This has actually given me some confidence that I can manage to be in a highly technical position. I also believe that the work I have done here will keep my memories here too.

I am moving to a new position as Cloud Engineer in a small company called 1Cloudstar. My previous experience with a small company was bad, and I hope this won’t be the same. I have been hoping to be in the cloud industry for some time, and when I got this offer, I decided to go forward with it even though the money that I am getting will be go down deeply. Any way, I took the decision, and I hope that this decision is a deal breaker in my career.

Looking forward to learn new technologies, meet new people, learn soft skills and to have responsibilities. 🙂