Year in review – 2017

This is a bit late, nevertheless, its worth writing.

Like 2016, 2017 was also a good year for me. Managed to complete 4 out of 5 of the resolutions. What I couldnt deliver was to reach 65 kilos. 😦

Well, I was really busy last year so was totally unable to hit the gym properly. So I am carrying over that to 2018. So the resolutions for 2018 will be:

  • Reach 65 kgs
  • Take at least one more certification – preferably AWS
  • Learn malay language – at least to be able to do simple communication using it.

In 2017, managed to take 3 AWS certs, bought a bike, completed degree, so overall it was a good year. And seems like I lost the touch to write. Words are not so pretty.

Last day at Micron

After around 1.5 years I am leaving Micron. It has been a great journey here. Although I have worked full time in another two companies, this was the first job that I liked.

The benefits were good and work was also good. Although didn’t have a lot of learning opportunities in the department, I managed to utilize my time effectively learning new things and trying out many things to troubleshoot user issues. This has actually given me some confidence that I can manage to be in a highly technical position. I also believe that the work I have done here will keep my memories here too.

I am moving to a new position as Cloud Engineer in a small company called 1Cloudstar. My previous experience with a small company was bad, and I hope this won’t be the same. I have been hoping to be in the cloud industry for some time, and when I got this offer, I decided to go forward with it even though the money that I am getting will be go down deeply. Any way, I took the decision, and I hope that this decision is a deal breaker in my career.

Looking forward to learn new technologies, meet new people, learn soft skills and to have responsibilities. 🙂

My experience with RHCE and RHCSA exams

In one word, I can say the following:

RHCSA – Easy

RHCE – Doable

Although I have been using desktop linux , particularly Ubuntu for a while, I never had a chance to do proper system administration. So in a way, I was a fresher. One advantage I had was that I had some domain knowledge on how all these things works, and some things in general. So the terms were not aliens to me.

For exam prep, I did an online course by IPSR, a training institute from India. They claims to have produced the most number of Red Hat professionals in the world. One thing that I can assure is that their training is good. Even if the course is not taken, it is really good to do mock exams using their practice papers.

Coming to the exams, they follow a pattern. RHCSA was 2.5 hours exam, but they were following an exactly similar pattern of questions as that from IPSR’s practice papers. Once you are familiarized with these questions, it is almost 100% chance to pass this exam. In fact, there are people who learn these answers by-heart and pass the exam. There are a lot of model questions that I found online, but most of them wont help for this exam ( They help for real life situations for sure ). I managed to complete the exam in just over an hour, and managed to score 294 out of 300.

Verdict : Simple

For RHCE also, the questions follow a pattern. IPSR’s questions help us familiarize with them too. But unlike RHCSA, the content is huge, and you cant just pass by learning them by heart. You really need to understand the concepts and learn how to apply them. Its a 3.5 hours exam, and it will take you at least 3 hours to finish all.

In my case, I was really confident on the exam, and started doing well. At around 2.5 hour point, I had completed 2/3rd of the questions. But for the next question, I did a huge mistake and messed up the whole partition in my server machine. It was not able to boot up, so I had to start from scratch at that point. My client was still there, so I had to redo everything that I did in the server again. I only managed to reach the 2/3rd point by the end of 3.5 hours.

I thought I would fail, but when the result came, I passed with 232 out of 300. I think it is good to say that dont attempt the question if you dont know. It is better to leave it there rather than messing it up.

Verdict : Doable, but need to do proper time management, and should have enough knowledge on commands and how to read through man pages.

I did the exams on Dec 2016

Year in review – 2016

[This post was originally published in my another blog, which I deleted in favor of this. It was published on Jan 1, 2017]

Its the new year. 2015 was really a bad year for me. I was hospitalised twice, had to undergo surgery, made some bad decisions, was terrible.

But 2016 was probably the best year I had in years. The year started with a job in Micron, which is not really a bad job. At least I dont mind going there unlike my previous jobs. I learned quite few things, and its where I realised that my field is System Administration, not programming.

When the year started, I had some targets to do, such as :

  • Start hitting the gym
  • Gain some weight
  • Complete System Admin course and get the certification
  • Build this website

Really happy to say that I managed to do all these. Since started hitting the gym, I gained almost 9 kg of weight. I reached 60kg from 51kg in 9 months, which is remarkable considering the fact that I barely increased any weight since I came to Singapore. I also completed the Red Hat system adminstration course, and got the certificate, RHCE and RHCSA. Although I couldn’t take LFCS exam in 2016, I will take it in first week of 2017. Finally, building this website was one of my long time dreams, and finally it became true. I am not sure how often I update this, but nevertheless, a website is a website.

update: Passed LFCS exam on Jan 7th

For 2017, I have some targets. These are a bit more tougher than what I had in 2016, but if I can manage to get them done, that is going to be great. [hiding them now, because I am shy]

  • Reach xxxx
  • Learn xxxx
  • Buy xxxx
  • Complete xxxx
  • [Bonus: Get a xxxxx]

Let us see how it goes.